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Is your Organization suffering from these pains?

  • Unable to find a growth Model
  • Fluctuating Growth or Profitability
  • Growing operational expenses in tandem with your revenue growth
  • Delays in solving business issues due to working with multiple parties for single problem

Egnatium® offers the solutions to all these problems. Through more than 15 years of testing and refinement  around the world with small, medium and large organizations, Egnatium® offers a suite of five different suite of  business services called SCALE.

The SCALE is an acronym of Strategy, Competency, Appraisal, Learning and Experiences designed to give your organization stability and scalability in growth. Click here to find out how your business can SCALE today with our SCALE Solution Packages.

As business owner, CEO, General Manager or even Functional Leader you get the peace of mind as we are proudly the first in the World to offer three services into a single package namely consulting or coaching, training and software.

Since 2015, each of SCALE packages are offered as turnkey franchise packages around the world to add local knowledge to our growing Business Growth Network of Experts.  Click here to find out how you could kick-start your entrepreneurial aspirations with our franchise opportunities.

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I gave up a secure Well Paid Job to take up Egnatium Competency Franchise for Central Malaysia. This is the best decision I have ever made to realise my entrepreneurial dream.
Vivian Po, Franchisee , Egnatium
We implemented SCALE suite of solution in our company and within six month of implementation we saved twice the amount we invested and our productivity increase by 27% for 1st year. Thank you Engatium!
Victor Hii, CEO , ASTEEL Group-Malaysia
Egnatium implemented the Egnatium Appraisal, Egnatium Competency and Egnatium Strategy for our company and it helped to give us clear directions and align the corporate performance with employee performance.
Islam Lotfy- CEO , Alaraby Television Network-UK
Egnatium Competency helped us align our organizational competencies with that our each employee and helped establish a world-class talent management process in place. This helped improve our talent retention and quality of talents by 12%.
YBHG. DATU HAJI SARUDU HAJI HOKLAI General Manager, Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation


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