Helping CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to SCALE the Enterprise & Succeed in Business

All CEOs and Entrepreneurs regardless of the organisation they lead (whether 10 or 10,000 employees) have 3 priorities:

  • Build/Improve Processes & People
  • Increase Revenues
  • Lower Costs

In truth, creating and improving processes and people will affect the other two, revenues and costs.
That’s why Egnatium’s SCALE while helping to build & improve processes and people, affects the overall performance of any organisation’s revenues and costs.
Taking a holistic approach SCALE builds upon 5 principles to ensure business success.

Strategy Management

Strategy needs no introduction. You can design, develop and refine your strategic plan or scenario plans with Egnatium Strategy Execution & Health Check.

You accomplish this by Egnatium’s StrategyCloud Based Software that allows you to formulate, test and execute your strategic and business plan and track its execution on periodical basis.

With its cascading capability you can ensure that your strategy and business plan is communicated effectively and align all your resources for one common goal.

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Competency Management

Competence determine if your strategy is execution is effective. A competency framework is used to link company strategy & objectives with an individual’s performance. Competency describes the behaviour which lies behind an individual’s ability to perform to the requirements of the task.

The Competency Framework within Egnatium’s Competencypackage provides you with those parameters within your corporate structure. The bonus you gain is the ability to measure the performance as well – you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Whether you want to design competences for all your employees, assess their ability for execution & continuously monitor how they are performing, Egnatium Competency Package that includes Egnatium Competency Software module, will help  you to make leadership decisions based on solid scientific evidence through the collated performance data you have collected over time.

This makes sure you are promoting the best potential and strengthening your position corporately.

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Appraisal Management

Appraisal helps in keeping organisation’s workforce focused on the corporate strategy. This determines how effective the overall success of a company will be. An effective performance management process empowers organisations to improve and optimise their corporate performance and that of the individual staff and management.

Many organisations we worked with have KPI’s that they visited on an annual basis and checked against agreed goals set 12 months prior. They do this through performance appraisals with a turnaround time between 30 and 40 working days to plan, execute, enter the data, report and present.

To enable a much speedier revision & execution, Egnatium’s Appraisal Package It contains pre-built KPI libraries giving you an easy way to implement consistency across the entire workforce, from the CEO to the Cleaner.

It also provides a dashboard overview to quickly display the individual and organisational performance and ensures a performance trace making appraisals quick and effective by highlighting the areas to be commended or needing attention.

This will free up HR executives to be more hands on with employees and make the appraisal frequency more in line with the real time needs of the workforce and company strategy.

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Learning Management

Learning is used to address the appraisal/competency gap and teach your workforce what you want them to know. Obvious, Right!?

Not so obvious is the fact that administering a learning program is one of the biggest headaches of HR professionals to get employees to attend classroom training due to operational issues. Employees are expected to do their daily tasks, and simultaneously need to train in order to improve the way they do their job in the long run.

Egnatium Learning Management System (LMS) gives you the power to plug this gap by helping to centralize the Learning & Development function in one easily accessible online resource, which all departments can tap into for their instructional requirements.

Plus Egnatium LMS reports help you to make better decisions related to your people’s learning and development. The Egnatium LMS data centric solution approach results in an environment rich in opportunities for data analysis, data mining, and decision-support in order to optimize individual and organisational e-learning effectiveness.

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Experience Management

Experiences your customers have with your company create & impact your reputation. While it’s not true that the customer is always right, you also don’t need to be reminded of countless of studies that a good to great customer experience affects your bottom line.

The intelligence you learn from your customers experience is used to increase your customer perception in the marketplace & to prevent future bad occurrences. But then the question still remain – How do you measure customer experience?

That’s the purpose of Egnatium Experience Application, where you can evaluate and improve the experience at every customer touch point & taking responsibility of the relationship with your marketplace.

But more than that, the Egnatium Experience application helps to benchmark against your direct competitors.

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