Performance Management Software

Is a cloud-based software that allows organisations to improve their employee

productivity by automating and improving their performance managementsystem.The system empowers each employee to takeresponsibility for his or her performance andensures that the overall productivity of peoplewithin the organisation improves.

Egnatium Appraisal offers. Following are some key highlights of the features.

  • Multiple performance management methodologies
  • Ability to use more than one methodology for the same organisation
  • Multiple, customisable frequency ranges from monthly to annually
  • Frequency linked with the employee rather than the organisation
  • Pre-built KPI library with ability to be customised
  • Pre-built competency dictionary with the ability to customise the levels and terminologies
  • Built-in communication module for user set-up with reminder alerts to ensure timely completion of the performance management evaluation
  • Multiple assessing of the employee within a 360 assessment as well as matrix reporting and employee mobility during the appraisal period
  • Extensive reporting module to allow a full picture of the set up dashboard, progress report and performance reports with the option to export in Excel formats.

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