Learning Consulting Services

Learning & Development (L & D) Services

Training, Learning and HR professionals likely know helping employees to grow in their abilities is not an easy task. It is a great challenge for HR to get employees to attend classroom training due to operational issues. Employees are expected to do their daily tasks, and simultaneously need to train in order to improve the way they do their job in the long run.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Egnatium Learning Management System (LMS) helps to centralize the L&D function in one easily accessible online resource, which all departments can tap into for their instructional requirements. We do this through our off-the-shelf/ready-made or customised e-learning content.

If an employee, customer, or partner has a question, a concern or wants to learn something, instead of calling a help desk or referring back to classroom notes, they log onto the e-learning program or app to find the answer or learn.

With Egnatium LMS reports, we help you to make better decisions related to your learning and development efforts. The Egnatium LMS data centric solution approach results in an environment rich in opportunities for data analysis, data mining, and decision-support in order to optimise individual and organisational e-learning effectiveness.

Talent Management

Scenario Based E-Learning

Egnatium builds customised e-learning programs tailored to specific requirements of our clients. With the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques for learning design, animation and interactive videos, we create virtual environments enabling our clients to train staff according to real-world scenarios.

Just In-Time Learning

That deliver immediate access to current information, leading to increased accuracy and productivity.

Guided Conversations

Help frontline managers to quickly evolve into successful, pro-active and confident trainers with the help of guided conversations. Guided conversations also save costs by removing the need for face-to-face training, while making it easier to set, monitor and meet learning KPIs.

Whereas Learning Games

Add another layer of engagement to your training, integrating team competition, rewards, stories, and social learning which create deeper and more enduring connections with people.

Face-to-Face simulations

are a powerful way to increase the sense of authenticity for trainees, lifting engagement and consultation. At the same time, face-to-face simulations allow for training programs to be tailored according to individual needs, leading to higher quality outcomes in shorter time.

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