Learning Management Software

Is a cloud-based software that allows organisations to design, implement and evaluate their blended learning environment. Blended learning consists of a mixture of learning styles which includes but is not limited to instructor lead

courses, e-learning, mobile learning, articles, book reviews, videos, assignments, challenges and simulations designed to close or eliminate the competency gaps with individual learners within your organisation.

Following are some key highlights of the features.

  • Automation of the entire learning management for your organisation from budget planning, learning needs analysis, scheduling, communication, resource management and evaluation of learning styles.
  • 360 degrees of learning needs incorporating inputs from the learner, supervisor and learning management team.
  • Automated course administration process for enrolment of employees in public, in-house and different interventions as well as approval from the immediate supervisor.
  • You can avoid sending employees for similar courses with the employee history tracking mechanism.
  • The learning catalog allows learners to search for courses that can improve their competencies with the learning and development team having the ability to categories as mandatory or voluntary courses.
  • Make use of multiple evaluation mechanisms to make learning relevant to the learner and support mechanism before and after the course.
  • Improve your decision making by using more than 10 reports from the system to lower your investments in learning and development as well as increase the competencies of your employees.

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