Egnatium Experience Trainings Catalogue

7 Customer Service & Experience Management Trainings that will insanely transform your Customer Support Team!


Customer Experience Management


Service Excellence


Customer Complaints Management


Understanding the Voices of Customer Data


Customer Satisfaction Measurement


Service Quality & Mystery Shopping


Designing and implementing Customer Loyalty

1. Customer Experience Management

What makes us decide on where we choose to buy our morning coffee? The answer is Customer experience.

We pay more because we invest in the experience as opposed to the product or the service. Therefore, in this experience economy, offering your clients a rewarding experience can raise your profit margins and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. This practical learning experience dedicated to business success through improving your organisation’s customer experience. This training workshop is especially useful for Marketing Managers, Customer Experience Executives, Complaints and Customer Relations Managers.

2. Service Excellence

Organisations – whether large or small, profit or non-profit oriented, public or private, government or nongovernment – exist to serve a group of people, called ‘customers’. This group of people is the reason for existence of any organisation and thus, it is said; “Customer is the King” of business.

This Customer Service Excellence Workshop provides a structured and holistic approach to organisational development and improved corporate performance in delivering exceptional customer service.

The workshop focuses on fostering a quality and customer-oriented mindset within the organisations and among organisational family members through learning the best practices which is backed by extensive research and our diverse experience in helping a number of pioneer organisations in improving their customer service.

3. Customer Complaints Management

In today’s world it is not enough to make complaining customers satisfied. The complaint should feed back into a process that can identify its root cause which can conclude in 3 outcomes, elimination, improvement and innovation.

This program is designed to change the attitude and mindset of participants about complaint management and the impact it has on any organisation. The workshop will provide you with tools and mechanism to transform your complaint management system from back office operation to strategic operations.

4. Understanding the Voices of Customer Data

The voice of the customer is an expression for listening to the external customer. VOC can be captured in a variety of ways: Direct discussion or interviews, surveys, focus groups, customer specifications, observation, warranty data, etc. When interpreted correctly, VOC data can help organisations understand their current place in the market.

This hands-on workshop addresses the importance of capturing the voice of the customer (VOC) to drive product development, presents how to undertake various VOC methodologies, discusses when they should be used, and leads participants through the process of planning how to capture the VOC. The workshop includes exercises to develop practical experience with various VOC methods and results in the development of a VOC plan for an actual product opportunity.

5. Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Maintaining customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is integral in today’s business because this increase profit and improves the customers’ base health.

This course answers the fundamental questions companies would need to know, such as:

  • Are we measuring customer satisfaction the right way?
  • What are the pitfalls in our current measurement systems?

This course will help marketing managers identify key drivers and attributes of customer satisfaction and put in their daily use main metrics of customer satisfaction.

6. Service Quality & Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a long-established research technique that uses shoppers who are given guidelines to anonymously evaluate and monitor customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and product quality. Mystery shopping fills in a gap of critical information between operations and marketing. Mystery shoppers must follow specific guidelines on what to do during an evaluation and shop at specified locations they may not normally visit.

Mystery shopping can be used as a marketing and training tool to help ensure a company’s communications, service, and operational objectives are being carried out on the front line. An established, ongoing program, where employees know that any customer may be the mystery shopper, is more effective and objective than sporadic audits. This program helps you to Understand how Mystery Shopping works  and the advantages it offers.

7. Designing and implementing Customer Loyalty

An increasing number of retailers are implementing customer loyalty programs, but quantity doesn’t equal quality. We see in our local markets that some loyalty programs are failing, and others are doing just great. Why? The answer is simple – Knowing the right way to engage the customers. 

This course will focus on what it takes to design and implement a best-in-class solution for your organisation. You will enjoy a simulated workplace scenario to assess the effectiveness of your own loyalty programs, strategies and practices that capture life-time value of customers.

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