Egnatium Competency Trainings Catalogue

6 Competency Management Trainings That Every Manager Should Sign Up To!

1. Designing and Implementing Competency Framework

Competency is defined as the attitude, knowledge, skills and behavior required by an organisation, function or individual to do the job right the first time. Competency framework is an important vehicle to integrate the way how people are joining the organisation, how their performance is measured, their learning needs identified and implemented, their leadership assessment and their career is developed. Without competency framework in place, an organisation is likely to suffer from poor work quality, lower performance and productivity and lack of ‘ready future leaders’ and successors.

This course gives you a complete tool kit on competency framework. How to design, build, implement, cascade and audit and review one for your business. You will learn to:

  • Structure the competency framework to serve different needs or the business and align the organisation requirements with individual performance
  • Link competency framework with all aspects of human resources as well as business model and business planning
  • Cascade competency framework at recruitment and selection, performance management, learning and development, talent assessment, succession planning and career planning.
  • Audit the competency framework to ensure continuity, synergy and optimal performance.

2. Talent Management

Managing talents is the key function of the human resources department. Whatever the size of the organisation, talent management plays a key role in achieving its objectives. Increasingly, the one true competitive advantage an organisation is its ability to manage its pool of talents. This course will help you broaden your knowledge in the wide sweeping area of talent management.

This course will also assist you to develop a greater capacity and a comprehensive approach to managing talents. You will learn the tools, strategies, and best practices to effectively manage your most important resource namely your people.

3. Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying what skills and positions are critical to an organisation and matching them with one or more layers of potential successors, who are then developed to ensure their readiness to take over at any given time.

Succession Planning is often confused by many practitioners and business leaders with talent management, replacement planning and career planning resulting in over or under investment in this process which impacts the business negatively. But if it’s done well, succession planning will help an organisation to retain best employees and position the business to grow. This 1 Succession Planning program helps you to:

  • Understand the importance of succession planning as well as its process
  • Learn a process and general framework for implementing an effective succession plan in your organisation
  • The life cycle of succession planning and talent management programs

4. Competency Based Recruitment and Selection

Many organisation are claiming their people as their greatest asset. How true is this in reality? Hiring the right talent aka the asset for the organisation has become a greater challenge, as jobs become more sophisticated. Hiring based on paper qualifications seems un-fit the situation and at times causes competency issues.

Every hiring decision you make comes with huge financial impact, productivity and overall morale of the organisation if done wrong. In this course, we are focusing on one the more effective recruitment approach – competency-based recruitment, which will take you through a step-by-step process, in identifying, designing, defining, implementing, and measuring the recruitment of real asset for the organisation. The course helps you to:

  • Measure the financial and non-financial impact of a wrong hiring decisions
  • Specify the competency requirements of the position
  • Design and develop a well-structured competency framework
  • Effectively using competency framework in recruitment as well as other HR aspects

5. Designing and Managing Assessment Center

Assessment/Development Centers have gained wide recognition as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behavior for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the workplace.

Identifying and developing key talent is essential for your sustainable business success but it is a challenging process that needs expertise and this is best carried out with expert partners who can work with you to co-create exactly what is right for your business. This is a proven practical program that offers you skills and knowledge to be able to design and deliver a comprehensive assessment process on your own. This course will guide you through:

  • The process of designing and implementing assessment centers to meet different needs in the organisation.
  • Identify competency gaps in candidates through assessments designed for respective function.
  • Monitor and control activities within the assessment centers
  • Measure the effectiveness of the assessment centers

6. Career Planning

Choosing a career is a big decision. But you don’t have to sweat it—planning for your future is not something you do once. It’s a continuous process. Career Management is the combination of structured planning and the active management choice of one’s own professional career.

The outcome of successful career management should include personal fulfillment, work-life balance, goal achievement and financial security.

The entire career management process is based on the establishment of defined goals/objectives whether specific or general in nature. Utilizing career assessments may be a critical step in identifying opportunities and career paths that most resonate with someone. Career assessments can range from quick and informal to more in-depth. Regardless of the ones you use, you will need to evaluate them.

Whether you’re looking for a career change or striving for bigger and better things in your current job, having a career plan will help you reach your goals. Creating a plan means taking the time to research and understand what criteria and competencies you need to fulfil your dreams and this is why it’s such an integral part of success. This program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skill and competence to develop an achievable career plan based on knowledge of self.

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