Customer Experience Management Software

You should always strive for service excellence in all you do. When your customers/consumers report on their experience with you, you have the advantage of discovering what needs improving. But more than that, the Egnatium Experience application is the only site in the market place where you can be benchmarked against your direct competitors.

Following are some key highlights of the features.

  • Large number respondents base that gives you a representative and reliable sample for your customer experience and your competitors findings.
  • Use of reliable and accepted scientific methodologies such as Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score to report the findings.
  • Industry ranking is provided based on Net Promoter Score and only brands with minimum reliable respondents are shown.
  • You can make use of touch point experience to identify priority for improvements for your own brand and customer experience.
  • Learn from best practices within the industry by assessing the strengths of your competitors and learning from them.
  • Increase your revenues and lower your operating cost by purchasing this data with vouchers of your products and services instead of cash.

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