Competency Management Software

There’s an old saying, the results are only as accurate as the input data. But at Egnatium we know the consistency of the process plays a large part as well, this where we excel. Our consulting and training has its foundations on our extensive knowledge and ability to ask the right questions. Perhaps this is the advantage of an objective eye.

Once you have the data collection going, the analysis reveals the areas which need attention. To streamline this process, automation is the best and most cost-effective way. Automation also provides consistency allowing you to make more accurate decisions, more often.

Following are some key highlights of the features.

  • Pre builtcompetency assessments for each competency with rotating questions to ensure high standards are maintained.
  • Flexibility to allow the assessed to view the answer or not and to set number of attempts to complete the same assessment.
  • Built in communication module for user set up and reminders supported by alerts to ensure the timely completion of the competency assessment.
  • Repurposing of each competency assessment to be used for recruitment, appraisal, leadership assessment, career moves and pr
  • Extensive reporting module with the option to allow the assessed to view the report and have the ability to export to pdf and excel for further use.

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