Competency Consulting Services

Egnatium Competency is an end to end solution helping you to establish, cascade and use competency framework in your organisation. Like all the other Egnatium® solution packages, this package is completely designed to give you peace of mind by including:

  • Consulting and Training Services
  • Competency Learning Modules
  • Egnatium® Competency Software


Customise your competency development based on your strategic plan, your mission and vision as well as the nature of your business. With a complete library for different industries and different functions, build your competence framework and maps as it applies to your organisation.


  • Eliminate or reduce the mismatch between skills required by the organisation and those available within the employee.
  • Reduce hiring mistakes & selecting wrong talents.
  • Prevent wrong promotion of employees to leadership roles.

Improve Hiring & Talents

Egnatium Competency consulting package helps you to Design, Implement and Cascade your organisational Competency Framework to align individual competencies with that of the organisation.

Egnatium Competency management experts are equipped with hands-on experience and tools to enable them to give you quality work in short amount of time and with high probability of success.

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