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Keeping an organisation workforce focused on the corporate strategy is a determinant of how effective the overall success of a company will be.

Design & Implement

In the majority of organisations we have worked with, performance appraisal turnaround time is between 30 and 40 working days to plan, execute, enter the data, report and present.

An effective performance management process empowers organisations to improve and optimise their corporate performance and that of the individual staff and management.

Egnatium’s Appraisal Software provides a dashboard overview to quickly display the individual and organisational performance.

With constant input and update from all users, it brings the opportunity to intervene quickly if needed. This effectively yields a performance trace, making appraisals quick and effective by highlighting the areas to be commended or needing attention.

Designing and implementing


Traditionally KPI’s are visited on at least an annual basis and checked against agreed goals set 12 months prior. The Key result areas are generally set by the culture and intent which supports the organisational goals.

The Egnatium Appraisal Software contains pre-built KPI libraries giving you an easy way to implement consistency across the entire workforce, from the CEO to the Cleaner.

This will free up HR executives to be more hands on with employees and make the appraisal frequency more in line with the real time needs of the workforce.

implementing high performing

KPI Library

Due to our extensive KPI library, it is very simple to create an exclusive list of required results for each different segment of your workforce.

Obviously some KPIs overlap and cascade through the staffing levels. However you can easily have exclusive requirements to suit the different sections of the company either based on hierarchy or department.

With the Egnatium Appraisal package employees can work through their KPI’s at their own pace in full view of their senior management allowing greater transparency and control.

As employees complete a KPI, the system can set more tasks increasing the responsibility and providing a clearer vision of the people who want to succeed and support the corporate vision.

This has great implications for internal succession planning.

Employee Engag

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