Building Competence Based Corporate Learning Academies

Egnatium Corporate Academy

Egnatium Corporate Academy Solution focuses on results based learning through a competence based approach. The ultimate objective is to effect behavioral change on all the learners so that people not only learn but use what they learn on their day to day job and achieve the results they are expected to produce.

Relying on our Competency Solution, initially we determine the competence mapping for each job role to ensure clarity as to what needs to be mastered.

Then we develop a structured learning plan for each competence map, that includes scenario based e-learning, simulations, learning games and more.

Finally when executing the learning plan we rely on a blending learning approach for maximum impact to ensure that all learners internalize the material and use it on their day to day job.

The main idea behind each Academy is effective learning content delivered to drive results – the results being new behaviors incorporated in each individual to meet his or her KPIs.

For example when building a Procurement Academy we map core competences like strategic sourcing, negotiations, cost management, contracts, category management etc, so that each individual masters only key areas as per his/her job role, focusing on reducing cost which is a key driver of procurement performance.

However for Sales Academies the key driver is increasing revenues, which makes sales teams the lifeline of any business. The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products or services that an organisation offers to fulfill those needs.

Whether it’s sales, procurement, supply chain, soft-skills etc, our Corporate Academy helps our clients to create end to end roadmap with everything from customisable templates, resources, tools, personal coaching and online learning content that give you the right knowledge, confidence and ready at every stage of the work-cycle.

We have the unique approach, vast experiences and flexibility to provide you with uniquely crafted learning and development programs that can be incorporated as a new Corporate Learning Academy, or blend it you’re your existing Academy or create an on-boarding platform for new and existing staff.

Below are some of the learning tools we use to successfully implement Corporate Learning Academies

Using cutting-edge technologies and techniques for learning design, animation, illustration and interactive videos, allows us to create virtual environments enabling our clients to train staff according to real-world scenarios.

Animation, photo real environments and interactive video help bring characters and settings to life, helping to make stronger connections, build greater empathy, and encourage a higher level of personal ownership for implementing the learning.

Just-In-Time learning app delivers immediate access to current information, leading to increased accuracy and productivity.

Key resources include: customer recommendation tools; quick facts; mobile scenarios; offline learning; QR and barcode support; location-based push job support; smart-phone app and device access for IOS and Android; instant updates on completion and results uploaded to your LMS (learning management system).

Frontline managers can quickly evolve into successful, pro-active and confident trainers with the help of guided conversations.

These can be set according to different learning modes, including social, kinaesthetic (physical or tactile) and visual, all of which can be applied to increasing interactivity and improving employee-manager relationships.

Guided conversations also save costs by removing the need for face-to-face training, while making it easier to set, monitor and meet learning KPIs.

We all know how important games are in helping children learn, and adults are no different. Our Learning Games add another layer of engagement to your training, integrating team competition, rewards, stories, and social learning which create deeper and more enduring connections with people.

Face-to-Face simulations are a powerful way to increase the sense of authenticity for trainees, lifting engagement and consultation.

The technique is proven to support more consistent training across different sessions and educators, leading to more effective follow-up activities.

At the same time, face-to-face simulations allow for training programs to be tailored according to individual needs, leading to higher quality outcomes in less time.

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