About Us

  • Our Company

    Egnatium is a subsidiary from Anvia Holdings Corporation. Egnatium® is a brand trading under Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd. Our organisation was founded in 2004 where we started off as a market research provider. Since then, we’ve transformed into the leading provider of integrated productivity solutions for business across the globe.

    We are one of the first ever companies to provide a set of productivity solutions which combines software solutions, consultation, coaching, implementation and training.

  • Inspiring Foundations

    Around 149BC in the newly created province of Macedonia, a Roman Senator named Gnaeus Egnatius had a dream. This dream would be of great economic benefit to his region and he knew that he would pursue it should he ever get the chance to.

    Through the following years his favor grew and around 146BC he was made Governor. With new found influence and favor, he began the construction of an incredible road project titled ‘Via Egnatia’, a name he coined himself and completed the construction work in 120 BC.
    The Via Egnatia or road of Egnatia was built to facilitate trade and growth for the region allowing Egnatius to realise his dream. This process was called Egnatium, a name born after the purpose for which the road was constructed. This purpose was to link Rome with Asia and enable future growth and prosperity for the region.

    Just like the vision which empowered Egnatius to complete his commission, we at Egnatium® are continuing this reputation by igniting new growth and even greater success within the business of our customers.

  • The Transformation

    Insights Matrix was the first company Ali Kasa, our founder established in 2004. He set it up in Malaysia to offer research services specialised in employee and customer studies. In 2007 Egnatia Academy was established to fill the evident and growing gap in research and report related competency offering learning and development needs of customers who used the research services.

    Conducting employee satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction surveys year on year for key clients revealed that many initiatives died in the first 12 months and so the need for institutionalisation emerged. Institutionalisation was coupled with sustainability for adopted initiatives.

    Knowledge Discovery was the third company added to the group to offer software solutions to existing customers in 2008. In the face of fast evolving technological advancements, Knowledge Discovery offered a much needed solution and created a technological niche for its clients.

    In 2010 North Star Glory was established to complete the solution package offering consulting services to customers who were existing research, learning and development clients and software users. Ali Kasa was likened to an incubator that carried its client’s works from inception to maturity.

    Since 2011 the Egnatia Group of Companies Malaysia offered integrated productivity solutions for business clients in Malaysia, South East Asia and the Middle East. All these services were offered from the Headquarters in Malaysia. The only setback that came with these ingenious creations is that many clients operating at different time zones could not get the services and support on time.

    In 2014 Egnatia established its Australian office and within less than 12 months established its own franchise system. Egnatium® is now a registered trademark in Australia and in the world.

    In 2015 Egnitus Holdings achieved greater milestones being established with Egnitus Franchising and Egnatia Corporation as fully owned subsidiaries in Australia.

  • The Advantage

    While there are many options for you to choose from within the industry, Egnatium® provides answers across the full spectrum of your needs.

    Why Egnatium® ?

    We deliver to promise. The scope of work and the outcome received by the client is coordinated to achieve desired results and even exceed client expectation.
    Egnatium® offers a ‘one-stop shop’. The portfolio of Egnatium’s companies is able to provide an array of services necessary for growth.
    Our solutions are pocket friendly and our pricing package allows you to bargain to fit your budget. With managed costs, you are able to free your resources supporting your initiative for growth.
    Lead Time Reduction; by working with one supplier on the entire package, you reduce the time spent in engaging, monitoring and essentially getting the job done.


At Egnatium® we live by a simple mission:

To make potential growth accessible and sustainable.

It’s something that’s at the forefront of our minds every single day; all of our services and solutions are built around this mantra. 


The Egnatium® vision is:

“To be the trusted growth platform provider by 2030”.

In essence, we want to bring B2B services straight to our customers, no matter where they are in the world. 

Our Values

Values manifest through the behaviour of employees. Instead of choosing random values that are generic to all businesses, we’ve selected some primary values that are important to us.

There are 6 values which ignite the passion and commitment of all Egnatium® employees and franchisees to achieve our mission and vision;













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