Is it worth visualizing your strategy for the equivalent of 5 café latte per day for 20 users?

Egnatium Strategy™ software is design for cloud-based subscription that allows you to pay as you use. This means that you require no further investments on hardware and maintenance cost for the software.

Egnatium Strategy™ software’s minimum package consists of up to twenty users and you can add any number of users at any given time. Payment for the subscription is twelve months in advance following your subscription date.

Your loyalty is rewarded by offering you a 3% discount of fees for every twelve months commitment after the first twelve months.

You enjoy an additional 2.5% discount of add on services such as consulting, e-Learning and customized or public training.

Build your own package now to enjoy visibility at amazing value.

While Egnatium Strategy™ software is a cloud-based solution you could install it on your own data centre if you have data protection concerns. Contact us now to discuss your needs and how we can customise a solution for you.