“People and their managers are working so hard to be sure that things are done right, that they hardly have time to decide if they are doing the right things.” -Stephen R. Covey

Egnatium Strategy ™ is a franchise and solution package is designed by strategy management experts to offer you a complete eco-system related to your strategy. This unique package offers you peace of mind by encompassing consulting modules, software automation and learning modules in one package but you have the choice of purchasing what you require at any given time without taking the full Egnatium Strategy™ package.

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Egnatium Strategy™ consulting module offers you choice to allow you to grow


Your strategy is as good as your knowledge


Technology gives your Reliability, Consistency and Continuity to grow


Tools to help you grow your Strategy competency



I gave up a secure Well Paid Job to take up Egnatium Competency Franchise for Central Malaysia. This is the best decision I have ever made to realise my entrepreneurial dream.
Vivian Po, Franchisee , Egnatium
We implemented SCALE suite of solution in our company and within six month of implementation we saved twice the amount we invested and our productivity increase by 27% for 1st year. Thank you Engatium!
Victor Hii, CEO , ASTEEL Group-Malaysia
Egnatium implemented the Egnatium Appraisal, Egnatium Competency and Egnatium Strategy for our company and it helped to give us clear directions and align the corporate performance with employee performance.
Islam Lotfy- CEO , Alaraby Television Network-UK
Egnatium Competency helped us align our organizational competencies with that our each employee and helped establish a world-class talent management process in place. This helped improve our talent retention and quality of talents by 12%.
YBHG. DATU HAJI SARUDU HAJI HOKLAI General Manager, Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation