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Who benefits from Egnatium® Experience Consulting Package?

Involving your customers and their views in your business is no longer a luxury reserved for those businesses who can afford to pay for such studies. The Egnatium® Experience package is the first of its kind and has surpassed the affordability threshold making it a service available for all.

It includes:

  • The Egnatium® Experience provides a platform where consumers can share their views towards a particular brand in a way that will make their views significant, helpful and actionable for the brands.
  • Learning and Development Modules
  • Consultancy and Coaching on the implementation of Customer Experience

This package helps you to increase your revenues and profitability through increased customer loyalty. Our customers have reported improvements in cost reduction and internal processes by incorporating the voice of customers in their activities.

With Egnatium® Experience, brands get structured based on well aggregated reports on customer experiences with their products and services. Brands get to see their competitive positioning through the benchmark results which show how well they are doing when compared to their peers. Reports are always available online enabling brands to view, review and act on them for future improvements and enhancements.


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Egnatium Customer Experience™ Consulting Package is best suited for the organizations and corporation with a certain level of maturity in the market and a considerable number of employees. This package suits organizations with a  sizeable customer base that have the budget and KPI-s to measure provided customer experience or service quality.

Increase your Customer Retention and your Revenues with Egnatium Customer Experience™ Consultancy Package.

Egnatium Experience™ consultancy package provides companies with solutions that fuel business growth.
Egnatium understands that customers are the source of your business sustainable growth.
That’s why we combine in-depth customer insights with our practical expertise to help you create long term growth by focusing on what matters most, your customer.

Egnatium™ Customer Experience experts come offer you a rich blend of business acumen, marketing research and operational expertise.
This blend helps you design, implement and measure customer experiences that change customer behavior and impact your business positively.

Egnatium™ Customer Experience Experts get called often to solve business issues and offer consulting services on the following domain.