Egnatium®  Competency

Who benefits from Egnatium®  Competency Consulting Package?

Egnatium®  Competency is an end to end solution helping you to establish, cascade and use competency framework in your organisation. Like all the other Egnatium®  solution packages, this package is completely designed to give you peace of mind by including:

  • Consulting and Implementation Services
  • Learning Modules for Designing and Cascading
  • Egnatium® Competency Software

This package helps reduce your operating cost in many ways.

Among the benefits our clients have reported include…

  • Eliminating or reducing the mismatch between skills required by the organisation and those available within the employee
  • Reduction in hiring mistakes
  • Reduction in selecting wrong talents
  • Prevention of employees with the wrong competency from being promoted to leadership roles.

You can customize your competency based on your strategic plan, your mission and vision as well as the nature of your business. You don’t need to invest millions to do this process as we have developed a complete library for different industries and different functions. It’s as easy as selecting your food at a buffet.

To get a complete view of the Egnatium® Competency you can visit the full website or download the Egnatium® Competency brochure

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While we have had the privilege to work with start up and companies in troubles, we are in the business of growing others and as such our solutions work best for organizations that are looking to take their growth to next level and as such an ideal organization that would benefit greatly from the Egnatium™ competency consulting package is an organization that has been in business for at least years and with an employee size of about 100 employees.

Improved the Accuracy and Reliability of Hiring & Assessment with Egnatium Competency consulting package.

Egnatium™ Competency consulting package helps you to Design, Implement and Cascade your organizational Competency Framework to align individual competencies with that of the organization.

Egnatium™ Competency management experts are equipped with hands-on experience and tools to enable them to give you quality work in short amount of time and with high probability of success.

Depending on your time and reasons for hiring an Egnatium™ competency management expert, you can rely on us for a turnkey package where you get the agreed deliverables with minimum involvement or you learn by doing it and our responsibility is to provide templates, train and coach you in the process of doing the work.
During our 15 years of global experience in competency management Egnatium™ competency experts have been called to solve problems and solutions.