About the Course

Organizations understand the value that learning & development offers to the organization and hence their willingness to invest. The challenge still remains where to invest and which investment will have a positive impact on organizational productivity.

Traditionally organizations use the guess or desire method to identify learning needs. That is to say a manager decides what employee should learn or the employee states through surveys or requests learning opportunities. These methods have proven to not be reliable and business centric.

This 2-day interactive practical workshop shall equip you with methods, processes and procedures and tools you would need to use competency framework as basis to identify learning needs that match with business requirements.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to learn how to:

  • Use competency framework to Identify learning needs
  • Schedule the learning needs
  • List the methods and tools to identify the learning needs
  • List five steps of learning needs process
  • Design and develop appropriate learning interventions
  • Evaluate the results of the learning intervention
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