Course Overview:  

In today’s world it is not enough to make complaining customers satisfied. The complaint should feed back into a process that can identify its root cause which can conclude in 3 outcomes, elimination, improvement and innovation.

This program is designed to change the attitude and mindset of participants about complaint management and the impact it has on any organization. The workshop will provide you with tools and mechanism to transform your complaint management system from back office operation to strategic operations.


Learning Outcomes:  

By end of this workshop you will be able to learn on how to:

  1. Explore the changes impacting the current organization environment.
  2. Determine the financial impact of bad service & churn on your organization.
  3. Manage expectation to enhance customer experience.
  4. Develop a world class complaint management process.
  5. Incorporate continuous improvements into your complaint management process.
  6. Utilize the voice of the customer & employee ( VOTC & VOTE) to Innovate and improve 
product & processes.
  7. Differentiate your organization through great customer experience.
  8. Evaluate best practices in complaint management.
  9. Obtain a framework for design & implementation.
  10. Identify measures to benchmark improvements.
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