Franchising Process

It only takes 30 days to start your dream business. To make it as straight forward as possible we’ve created a timeline to simplify entry into  the EgnatiumTM Franchise system. Learn more about the franchisee steps that will help you into your decision-making process below. 

  1. Determine your compatibility

EgnatiumTM offers a proven business model and a market-leading brand. To maintain our brand and to continue your growth as a franchisee, we want to make sure that our opportunity is a good match for you. If you haven’t already done so, please review the following Page:

EgnatiumTM Franchisee Advantages!
5 Reasons Why Choose US

    1. Lead Time reduction
    2. Continuity and Revenue Assurance
    3. A simple and easy Model to Follow
    4. Comprehensive Franchisee Support
    5. A franchisee model that builds on your strengths and experience. 
  1. Submit the interest Form (IF)

After learning more about EgnatiumTM, we invite you to fill out the application form. One of our expert Franchise Sales Representatives will contact as soon as your form is reviewed in order to discuss your interest.

  1. Phone call and Presentation

During your initial phone consultation, we shall set up a meeting for a sales presentation. The items to be discussed will include:

  • Our Products
  • Your Interest
  • Demographic, area and Territory
  • Financing options
  1. Application Form

If you decide to move forward after the presentation, we will send you our Franchise Application Form (AF).

Please note: Franchise regulations require that you have the AF for a period of 14 calendar days prior to purchasing a franchise. During this period, you should be actively working with your Franchise Sales Representative to finalize your territory selection and firm up your financing options.

  1. Commitment fee

You are required to  pay up to 20% of the franchising fee.

  1. Franchise Online assessment

You will be assessed on 2 areas

  • Personality
    1. Values Profile
    2. Life Profile
    3. Emotional Profile
    4. Communication Style
    5. Drivers Profile
    6. Multiple intelligence Profile
  • Competency
    1. Project Management
    2. Instructional design
    3. Customer life cycle management
    4. Presentation skills
    5. Technical mastery
  1. Sign the Franchise agreement and Setting up to the franchise location

The Franchise Agreement, which is a written contract between EgnatiumTM and you, lists both parties’ obligations and responsibilities. If you are purchasing a Master Franchise or Master Package Franchise or territory franchise, you will receive an Area Development Agreement (ADA) at this time.

The disclosure period for the Franchise Application Form (AF) and the ADA is 7 calendar days.

  1. 100% Franchise fee

This is an exciting step in the process; it’s where you make your final decision. To officially become an EgnatiumTM franchisee, you simply need to sign your Franchise Agreement and submit an instalment of your initial franchise fee to the corporate office.

Congratulations, you are now embarking on your new and exciting life as an EgnatiumTM franchisee. Your next step is to learn all you can at our New Franchisee Training.

  1. Training

During your initial training  of more than 160 learning hours, you will learn about:

  • Project Management
  • Instructional design
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Presentation skills
  • Technical mastery (Depending On The Package You Choose)
    • Strategy management
    • Competency management
    • Appraisal management
    • Learning management
    • Experience management
  • Operational issues, sales techniques, and marketing strategies.

Our mandatory, 160 hour training is required for the principal owner and/or operator of a new franchise. It can  also be beneficial to invite key staff members to share in the knowledge!

Training is held at a premise of your choice. After your initial training, we provide daily or weekly assistance via the phone, onsite visits and email communications. You will also have sales support. We will fix two meetings every day for marketing activities and you will have customer support for Software registration and customer complaint and custom website systems. Assistance is available for as long as you need it, and there is no additional cost for this valuable training and support.