Egnatium® Advantage

Advantage 1

Lead Time

It takes 30 working days to get started with your Egnatium® franchise business a big contrast to the 100 days you must wait with other retail or food franchises.

Advantage 2

Continuity and Revenue Assurance

With Egnatium® software packages each franchisee is assured of continuous streams of income as clients continue using the software and renew their cloud subscription.

Advantage 3

Simple Model to Follow

You don’t need to hire dozens or even hundreds of employees. The system is based on the franchisee and one support employee. Egnatium® provides the support you need to run the whole franchise business which avoids traditional business headaches like hiring and managing employees.

Advantage 4

Comprehensive Franchisee Support

Egnatium® provides sales, marketing and operational support by providing continuous prospecting leads, proven sales systems and back end operational support.

Advantage 5

Franchisee Model Builds on your strengths and experience

Each franchisee package is targeted towards corporate executives who have previous experience in one or more of the 5 fields of expertise. For example: The competency and performance appraisal is targeted towards HR Professionals who already have experience with competency and appraisal.

It’s the same with the Strategy package, which is targeting Strategy professionals, or the Customer Experience package targeted towards Customer and Market Research Professionals.