Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To enable you to enjoy Egnatium® Membership program and help answers some of the questions you may have, here are some of the frequently asked questions and respective answers:

How is my personal information I provide to Egnatium® is used?

 Your data is used in accordance with our privacy policy. Please read it before you sign up for Egnatium® Membership.

What is the basis for Egnatium® Membership packages?

The basis for Egnatium® Membership packages is the amount of United States Dollars you or your organization has invested with Egnatium® up to date.

What if my organization or I have invested in any other currency when purchasing Egnatium® products or services?

Egnatium® uses United States Dollar as the functional currency and hence all your purchases are converted into United States Dollars at the point of purchase.

What foreign currency platform does Egnatium® uses to exchange local currencies to United States Dollars?

Egnatium® uses XE.COM as the official currency exchange platform to do the currency exchange.

What if there is a discrepancy between the amount Egnatium® recognises and the amount that I calculated?

Our accounts uses the exchange rate at the day and time of transaction and you may be doing it at a different time. Egnatium® shall honour the customer`s exchange claims provided it is no more than 1% from actual registered value in United states Dollars.

What does Egnatium® Portfolio means?

Egnatium® portfolio means any investment from you or your organization in any Egnatium® products, services, shares etc.

How do I claim my past investments with Egnatium®?

In the event that you have attended or used any Egnatium® Learning, consulting, franchising or investment in Egnatium® shares then you claim that within the mobile application. You claim will be validated within 3 working days according to California, USA working days.

How do I know if my claim has been approved or not?

Egnatium® shall communicate approval or otherwise through mobile app notification.

How do I enjoy discounts of Egnatium® products and Services?

You simply communicate your membership user name and you will be able to enjoy the discount according to your level of Egnatium® Membership.

How do I claim my commission from other to purchase Egnatium® products and services?

You can claim your commissions by simply submitting a claim from the mobile application.

When do I get paid for my commissions from Egnatium®?

Egnatium® pays commission every 28th calendar day of every month regardless the day of the month is was claimed provided that the closing day for processing claims every month is 25th calendar day of the month.

How do I claim my Egnatium® learning modules that I like?

You can claim your Egnatium® learning modules whether on online or public by visiting Egnatium® learning or Egnatium® college website.  When you purchase you can use the voucher send to you or mention your Egnatium® Membership username to claim your benefit entitlements.

How can I share my feedback about Egnatium® or its products?

Egnatium® Membership App has feedback form which you can use to request help or even give ideas on how we can further improve the Egnatium® Membership program.

How can I raise a customer Support Ticket for something that is not listed here?

You can visit our helpdesk to either raise a ticket or get updated on an existing ticket.

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