Achieve 20% Reduction of your Recruitment Cost and 50% Increase in Accuracy of Hiring Decisions.

Course Overview:

High employee turnover is a norm. On average an employee would stay with the same employer not more than 3 years. The lead-time to hire has increased and getting the right people who fits into the budget is the biggest challenge in hiring process of most organization.

Many organization claimed that their people are their greatest asset.

How true is this in reality?
Hiring the right talent is challenging and hiring based on paper qualifications seems inadequate to determine that individual’s competency for the job.

Every hiring decision you make comes with huge financial impact, productivity and overall morale of the organization if done wrong.

This practical two-day workshop helps you to improve the quality of your hiring decisions, reduce hiring lead-time and reduce the recruitment cost by deploying competency based recruitment and selection process.

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop you will be able to:

  1. List the benefits of competency based recruitment and selection compared to the traditional interview Model.
  2. Establish a simple four-step process for Competency based Recruitment and Selection Process.
  3. Build a job/position Profile.
  4. List the personality profiles to be used to match the suitability analysis for any given position.
  5. Tools to use to assess the competencies required for each job or position.
  6. Conduct culture fit assessment interviews for any given candidates.
  7. Measure the financial and non financial impact of a poor hiring decisions.
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