Can You Find a Better Employment Opportunity?

There are relatively better employment opportunities out there but a great opportunity offers more than just a payment package. A great employment opportunity should offer  you the following:

  • Growth as result of extensive training before you join us and during your employment with us.
    • Fact #1: Everyone who has been part of the Egnatium® team has got a minimum 50% salary increase upon onboarding with another employer.
    • Fact # 2: Egnatium®  promotes entrepreneurship amomg employees as evidenced by the 20% of our former employees who are now  doing their own business.

Egnatium® is a place where leaders develop leaders and not followers.

  • Culture Diversity;
    • Fact #3: Egnatium® embraces religious diversity, multi-nationality and gender balance within the team.  Consequently, Egnatium® is an equal opportunity employer  looking for diversity.
  • Accountability,  at Egnatium®, we promote responsibility and accountability amongst our employees by promoting continued division of labor through fairness in delegation of duties.
    • Fact #4: You will be given the chance to take responsibility all the time and if you fail, someone within Egnatium® will guide you to learn from this.
  • Impact change; The vision behind Egnatium® is to establish and build global impact and you are the ambassador of such impact.
    • Fact #5: Egnatium® leaders believe that purpose is as important as profit itself.

You can review some of the testimonials of our people before you decided to apply and become part of this dynamic team at Egnatium®.