What People are Saying

An opportunity to work with hard working people within a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment where team work is the secret ingredient to achieving the best outcome. Egnatium allows everyone to take responsibility and manage his/her own career through demonstration and performance gauging based on deliverables.
Idriz Konjari, CEO- Global Franchise
In my opinion, the cooperation with Egnatium is worthwhile. I belong to the HR field with more than a decade of experience. While serving in this field, I have come to understand the product quality and the service it offers, thus it is a very good opportunity to help and develop these dimensions within organizations.
What attracted me most was the Egnatium philosophy: Provide necessary tools to businesses to help them increase their productivity and profitability, in a timely manner and with a minimum cost, which is offered through very efficient solutions, in one package that includes: consulting, training, software, coach and Implementation.
I joined Egnatia in April 2007 as a senior Marketing executive and within 5 years I ended up as the General Manager for Egnatium Strategy Business Unit. Not only did my income increase by 200% in 5 years but my knowledge and competencies also increased exponentially. I was excited to train senior business leaders and eventually moved on from Egnatia to start my own business a move that was promoted by the entrepreneurial spirit cultivated within Egnatia. The experience and the growth that I experienced during my tenure with Egnatia was fundamental for me to start and grow my business.
Faiket Luari, Currently Business owner of Money Talk
If I have to summarize the last 5 years in my professional life with only one word, it will definitely be GROWTH.

I joined Egnatium (the Egnatia then) on 8th March 2010 as an operations manager, I have grown from a person who was full of doubt about my capability, into a business consultant that helps clients to solve their problems. How did the transformation happen? Throughout the 5 years, I learnt event management; I learnt customer management; I learnt sales and marketing; I learnt organisational operation; I learnt business planning; I learnt productivity improvement; and I learnt how to put these pieces of the puzzle together, forming a complete picture of an organisation. Along the way, I was guided by THE mentor, Mr Ali Kasa, on critical skills and competencies, such as planning, structuring and prioritizing my work; communicate and present my work in the most appealing way to both internal and external customers. Not forgetting the most important lesson he taught me that learning is a never-ending process. It is the continuous learning spirit that he always demonstrates, that has shaped me into who I am today.

Yvonne Lee, Currently Business Consultant
My three years of experience with Egnatia (Egnatium now) has shaped my professional capabilities to a great extend. The learning and growth during that 3 years gave a huge competitive advantage in my current professional practices as a lecturer and trainer.
Ismail Nizam, Currently Business Owner and Senior Lecturer
Coming from a totally different background of study does not stop me from learning and growing with Egnatium. I am given numerous opportunities by the great leaders in the company to discover my own hidden potential and I’m glad to be able to create and perpetuate values in my job. Learning never stops as long as we live and I am aggressively acquiring knowledge not only because of the nature of my job but also for my own self development.
I’m glad to be a part of the vision to provide the best productivity solution for your business success.
Vivian Po, Content Development Executive