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EgnatiumTM Recruitment Process

You do not want to start your new career and within your first few days or weeks you discover that this is not what you wanted. Similarly we do not want to invest in talented people who are not suitable or do not match the level of competency we expect from members of our team and therefore are not a good match for EgnatiumTM.

Therefore, based on our experience we shall invest time in you before your onboarding with us  to assess the following aspects:

  • Are you suitable for the given position?
  • Are You Competent?
  • Do you fit within the EgnatiumTM Culture

To ascertain these three Aspects together we undergo the following process:


Recruitment Process_2

Generally this process might take about two days or more and it is designed to ensure that there is a good fit between what you are looking for and the members we would like to add to our team.

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