Learning Management


Measuring the ROI of learning interventions

Course Overview

In the agricultural and industrial economies, companies needed “hard” workers, however the New Economy is putting a premium on “smart” workers. The explosion of knowledge, technology and the shortage of skilled workers have spawned an abundance of books and articles on the topics of lifelong learning, knowledge capital, and intellectual capital. Accountability is a […]

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Designing & Administering Learning Plans

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Learning and Development is increasingly occupying an important part in the list of the top priorities of organizations. Positive ambition towards growth is crucial and keeping up with the latest advancements is challenging. This is the reason why knowing how to effectively and efficiently design and administer learning plans has become so necessary. […]

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Designing & Implementing Blended Learning Environment

Achieving Higher Competency Levels at Lower Costs

About the Program

Blended learning occurs when the best delivery methodologies available for each specific learning objective are incorporated into a curriculum. While you may have been blending pre- and post-program elements into your
training mix for years, the increasing prevalence of learning technologies and tools requires a more strategic look […]

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Competency Based Learning Needs Analysis

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Organizations understand the value that learning & development offers to the organization and hence their willingness to invest. The challenge still remains where to invest and which investment will have a positive impact on organizational productivity.

Traditionally organizations use the guess or desire method to identify learning needs. That is to say a manager […]

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