Brisbane, Australia, August 20,2015, Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its fully featured website The new website has extensive links to each product website where customers can find information related to its products & services in one place.

The new website replaces the old websites such as,,,,,,,, and . The website visitors can just simply find whatever information be it corporate, franchise or solution related within the same website.

According to Ali Kasa, the Founder of Egnatus Holdings, “this move is not only designed to improve customer experience by also improve the search engine optimization of the site.”

The new website has extensive content developed specially for our customers. It consists of a combined set of productivity solutions including software, consulting, coaching implementation and training.

The revamped site features an updated look with enhanced features which will help the entrepreneur businessman and Human Resources managers to start, learn and grow their own business. The website focuses on our management solutions, through its suite of 3-in-1 Management Packages:

  • Strategy Management
  • Competency Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Learning Management
  • Experience Management

EgnatiumTM uses a proven business model, which provides want to be entrepreneurs with the opportunity to be their own boss by purchasing one of the EgantiumTM franchise packages.


Visit to download reports, videos, articles and even get free profiles now and don’t forget to leave your comments on how we can make this great website even better.


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