Egnitus Franchising Pty Ltd becomes member of the Australian Franchise Registry

Brisbane, Australia, August 28, 2015, Egnitus Franchising Pty Ltd a wholy owned subsidiary of Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Egnatium, is pleased to announce the membership subscription with the Australian Franchise Registry.

The Australian Franchise registry is part of the Frandata franchise registry network. The registry is an independent network, which collects and authenticates franchise documentation to ensure that financial institutions have access to the franchisor and franchisees get a lender friendly franchise.

It enables banks and financial institutions to make informed decisions about the franchisor’s financial credibility and assists lenders move forward in a timely manner with the financing of franchisees who want to be part of the franchise network and have access to lending from banks.

According to Karen Prescott, the CEO of Egnitus Franchising, “the decision to subscribe was simple. We want our franchise system to be transparent and friendly to the lenders. We not only need to establish the franchise financing network within Australia but also enhance our presence as a premier franchise system worldwide.”

Darryn McAuliffe, the CEO of the Australian Franchise Registry explains that “making your franchise system lender friendly is essential in the Australian market given the fact that the Australian government does not provide financial assistance or grants similar to the United States, Malaysia or other countries around the world.”

Financing a business can be difficult at the best of times and many businesses will fail in the first twelve months. Becoming part of a franchise network you will increase your success. But, being a part of a credible franchise system that declares to the lenders through the Australian Franchise Registry will not only boost your success rate but enhance your business reputation. Financing your business will also be easier with a system that is fully registered.

Egnitus Franchising Pty Ltd offer 5 franchise Packages under the brand EgnatiumTM.

The five franchise packages are:

  • Strategy Management
  • Competency Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Learning Management
  • Experience Management

For further information about EgantiumTM please contact or visit