Is your business ready to handle the changes coming down the line?

This article is about the changes in retailing in the USA and the impacts down the line now and in the future for our business.

Did you predict a company called AIRBnB would be the biggest supplier of accommodation in the world today?

It started in 2010 as a difficult to fund smartphone app and is now […]

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Part 4 – The Country behind the brand – Egnatium

Why Australia for Egnatium?

To create a business entity with the intention of being fully represented in multiple countries from the start takes commitment and planning. If the business model is to be a franchising model, then the question is, what franchising agreement and from what country do you base your foundation agreements? After all this […]

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Part 3 – The Egnatium Franchise Advantage.

Egnatium is all about sustainable growth for our clients. That’s why we are so concerned with solving their problems. We believe that for the solution user to choose us we must represent excellence, so we demand excellence of ourselves.


The Egnatium franchising looks for a particular type of person to partner with, to become a franchisee. […]

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Part 2 – What is the Egnatium Business SCALE?

The Solution – The Egnatium Business SCALE


Strategy | Competency | Appraisal | Learning | Experience



Egnatium is the first ever B2B company to provide a complete set of business productivity tools including framework setup, consulting, software, face-to-face training and e-learning implementation. The Egnatium Group focuses on being a global player in B2B productivity solutions and ensures […]

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Part 1 – The Company behind the brand – Egnatium

The Egnatium brand began over ten years ago operating as a group of individual companies offering key business solutions. Three years ago the founder Ali Kasa decided to incorporate the five key areas of business productivity tools/solutions under one umbrella. He also decided at that time to grow the company and deliver the solution […]

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Don’t Fall Victim to Straddled Strategy

What is straddled strategy? by Ali Kasa

Instead of defining it, first let me give you a personal example. The definition will become simpler and clearer this way.

Recently I had a client meeting at 11 am and it usually takes about 30 minutes to reach the customer’s office from my office. I had a […]

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