Brisbane, August 21st, 2015. Medium to large enterprise business has always had a problem with managing their objectives and goals due to the drain that managing the internal culture places on the resources. According to sources it just takes too much time to manage and administer and reduces the bottom line profitability.

For more than a decade, Mr Ali Kasa of EgnatiumTM has been quietly working on this issue and his research and innovation has finally come to market in Australia. His new product packages which are a part of his EgnatiumTM SCALE have brought efficiency increases and cultural alignment within many corporations from SE Asia to the Middle East. But more importantly, these progressive companies have seen big increases in their productivity, making their investment in the packages cost neutral and allowing them to realise greater profits. Statistically the Strategy module alone can increase profitability by 17%

Mr Kasa says, “HR professionals and CEO’s across many industries have long been plagued by the indecision of their actions and continuously spend more time than is actually required. This is because unless you have reliable and accurate data, your decisions are little more than guesswork. Not only that, even if they have the data, being able to collate and analyse it is a further drain on resources.”

The EgnatiumTM SCALE is a 5 part productivity package broken into key areas of an organisation’s internal objectives.

  • Strategy
  • Competency
  • Appraisal
  • Learning
  • Experience (customer)

Because most companies have issues in specific areas (often not all 5) the most relevant package can be used to address a company’s main issues. Each package combines software, training and consultation providing ongoing support. This is to ensure the client’s outcomes are fully realised.

Recently these 5 packages were unveiled at the Melbourne Franchise Expo giving potential partners a firsthand look at the franchise opportunity. The interest was immediate and strong proving that corporate business is crying out for this kind of product.

Egnitus Holdings Pty. Ltd through its brand, EgnatiumTM, is a leading B2B franchisor that has established a reliable network of franchisees within Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. EgnatiumTM is a trademark of Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd. Global Headquarters are in Brisbane’s CBD.