Egnatium® Aims to Discharge its Corporate Responsibility

As global citizens, Egnatium® aims to discharge its corporate responsibility by conducting activities that aim to improve the quality of life and the business of people and organisations around the world.

These activities include:

  • The adoption of Human Resource in Developing Countries. We have adopted the Albania HR Society (AHRS) and the Kosova HR Institute (KHRI). The adoption program covers financial support on fixed running expenses and aims to build sustainability of the adopted institutions within the first 5 years of adoption. If you have similar institutions that can benefit from this program, please contact us today to explore how your institution can be part of our adoption program.
  • Training and Development organisations, both for profit and not for profit. These activities include facilitating  speakers or trainers for your annual or ad-hoc activities free of charge, and supplying and installing software to modernise the management of Non-profit organisations.
  • Egnatium® conducts free of charge productivity audits for small and medium companies around the world. If you would like to benefit from these activities contact us today.

Our corporate social responsibility activities are designed to make an impact in your life and your business. We believe that productivity and sustainability ensure growth and long-term success for you.